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HTML5 Boilerplate – v4.0.0


HTML5 Boilerplate is out with the new version 4.0.0.

There were some significant changes since the last version that are listed up in the changelog (also see below). Most of them because of the excellent work by Nicolas Gallagher – thanks for leading HTML5 Boilerplate with such great effort.

HTML5 Boilerplate v4.0.0 - Star

What’s new?

This was done throughout the last seven months of development and resolving bugs:

From the Changelog

Sadly we could not integrate Grunt.js into the project with some simple tasks because we had to face certain problems when it comes to integrate the CSS file that is build by Grunt into the repository and other impediments.

Now HTML5 Boilerplate 4.0.0 is out and I’d encourage you to view the source, learn and contribute.
If you find bugs or potential pitfalls please let us know in the issues.
Cheers to the H5BP community and especially all HTML5 Boilerplate contributors.

Apart from HTML5 Boilerplate Alex Gibson, Nicolas and others updated Mobile Boilerplate to version 4.0.0, so go and check it out too!

And another thing: Both HTML5 Boilerplate and Mobile Boilerplate have a new website which looks kinda awesome, I think!

Download from GitHub

Wo sind meine abgerundeten Ecken?


Sorry for this german post. For more information on this topic please check out the post “Where Are My Rounded Corners?”. Thanks to Daniel and Steffen at /gebrüderheitz. Manchmal sind unsere Kunden verwirrt, wenn sie sich ihre neue Website im Browser anschauen und sie anders aussieht, als das Design, dass sie freigegeben hatten. In diesem Merkblatt erklären wir, warum es viele Vorteile gibt, diese Unterschiede zu akzeptieren und dass diese Vorteile die Nachteile überwiegen. Lange Zeit haben wir die Gestaltung von Websites so gehandhabt, als ob es Printmedien seien. Hier findet nun ein Umdenken statt, denn das Internet unterscheidet sich

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“Where Are My Rounded Corners?” – German Translation


Some weeks ago Paul Irish published his article about TAFEE (Tiered, Adaptive Front-end Experiences) and shares Paul Boag’s booklet called “Where are my rounded corners?” which tries to describe why it is better to design for the future and modern browsers and not spending too much time trying to get the website’s design working in older browsers (namely Internet Explorer 7 and 8). The booklet was originally published in Paul Boag’s blog. Paul describes why he did this this: One of the biggest areas of confusion among our clients is progressive enhancement. They wonder why the beautiful design they signed off

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