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Career Path - Advancing in Engineering Roles

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Speaking with software engineers in my team and through my mentoring with The Mentoring Club one question keeps coming up: “What is the next step in my career?” For everyone that is working in the industry and eager to grow personally, this question is a constant companion.

I want to give you my perspective on how you can advance in your career after you've made the step to a senior engineer. I want to talk about how it's possible to grow further.

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I got the keys: Communication

Engineering Leadership

When I was working in a small agency, years ago, in Germany's warmest city, Freiburg, my boss introduced the team to agile working methods that he had read a book about. We had a whiteboard with some columns on them named To Do, Doing, Done. Some stickies were on these columns. We had a fast-lane which was filled with tasks all the time. I felt I was doing quite some work when fulfilling the tasks and moving a pile of them from one column to the next. Anyway, projects didn't finish on time. The feeling of being productive vanished as soon as we felt we were delivering late. Was there a problem in productivity?

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