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Introducing Warhol


Warhol turns pattern libraries into test suites. It helps you to enforce a unified look and feel for your web project, no matter how large and complicated the project may be. Warhol learns from the examples in a pattern library and supports you in implementing a truly consistent user experience.

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Simplicity in Front-End Tooling


We tend to solve a lot of problems related to the front-end by delegating them to existing programs. We use libraries and tools which we don’t understand completely - our code base grows and grows. But lately this trend seems to change and we slowly re-consider what we can do best: develop front-end code. What can we expect from this new trend and how can we use them in out daily business today?

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Using npm as a build system for your next project


npm is a Node.js’ dependency management system. It provides a script object in a project’s package.json configuration which can hold several CLI scripts. It is possible to run those via your command line. This way it is possible to replace your current build system. This article covers more about how you replace different tasks of a typical front-end build workflow.

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Introducing INIT – A Boilerplate Framework for Front-End Projects


INIT is based upon HTML5 Boilerplate and adds more structure for SCSS files, JavaScripts, includes build tasks and a whole lot more. Today we released INIT, a front-end framework based on Grunt, Bower, Karma and a lot more tools as version 1.0. This marks a special day for Anselm and me, as we worked for a long period to get this project to where it is today. Over at TNG I wrote a bit about why we need frameworks like these and what the challenges with current tools are: Generally we start a lot of our projects in kind of

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