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Hans Christian Reinl

Frontend Architect and Certified Scrum Master

35606 Solms & 50825 Cologne, Germany
[email protected]
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I am a Certified Scrum Master and frontend architect located in Cologne, Germany.
Agile development and Scrum influence my daily work since 2012. I have nine years of experience in developing scalable web applications using cutting edge technologies based on Micro-Service Oriented Architecture including HTML/CSS and object-oriented JavaScript (frontend and backend).

I love architecting systems in a high-performance environment with a focus on frontend development. My passion in JavaScript and CSS is as strong as my belief in agile methodologies, especially Scrum.

Open Source & Community Engagement

Core developer of HTML5 Boilerplate: Ongoing maintenance of HTML5 Boilerplate, a solid front-end template to start projects with, as a member of the core team.

Creation of INIT: INIT is an extension to HTML5 Boilerpalte with more structure for SCSS files and JavaScript, built upon Grunt.js, Bower and Karma helping developers to start a project more quickly.

Co-host of Working Draft: Strong influence on the German-speaking community while being member of the weekly web-development and web-news podcast Working Draft.

Blog about Web-Technology: Researching and sharing latest technologies and learnings in a dedicated blog as well as maintaining a shared blog with friends and colleagues.


I am very happy to be invited to any conference in our scene and beyond.

… and more.


I wrote some articles on the interwebz and offline. Here is a list. Hopefully more to come.

Please send me a mail if you want me to write for you.


  • Nomination as Young Developer Of The Year / .net-Awards 2013.
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Co-Organizer of NightlyBuild.io - a Web-developer conference in Cologne.
  • Former Co-Organizer of DevsMeetup in Freiburg, Germany - a monthly Developer Usergroup.


In the past I worked on projects for clients such as Vaillant Group Business Services, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie, publisher Haufe-Lexware, AppMeister, Gruner + Jahr and others.

Freelance Frontend Developer and Architect

April 2013 – present

  • Consulting for middle and large-scale web projects in the frontend section
  • Analyses and improvement of new and existing software architectures
  • Workshops for agencies to coach their developers and designers
  • Working on client projects using, configuring and developing frontend for FirstSpirit, TYPO3 CMS, Magento and Hybris
  • Scrum Master and project manager


April 2010 – April 2013: Lead Frontend developer at /gebrüderheitz, Freiburg
November 2011 – April 2014: Software developer and Co-Founder at colored.by

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Core Skills

As a Frontend developer I worked on a lot of things over the years. Here are some skills I consider myself good at.

  • Architecture
    • Coding conventions and guidelines: HTML & CSS (BEM), JS (Idiomatic JS)
    • Component based development
    • Micro-Service Oriented Architecture
    • Working with and optimizing for performance budgets
    • Git: Git Flow, GitHub Flow
    • Automation: Continuous Integration, build tools, regression & end-to-end testing
  • Development
    • JS: ES6, React.js, jQuery, Vanilla
    • HTML and CSS (which includes "HTML5" and "CSS3", also LESS and SASS)
    • Node.js
    • Responsive { webdesign | development | images | UX }
    • Accessibility and "SEO" (whatever that means)
  • Working agile
    • Setup and development of Scrum teams
    • Coaching for teams and change management
    • Strong communication skills
    • Experience with Scrum at Scale