What You Can Do to Advance Your Software Engineering Career


Throughout my career, I held different roles at companies and saw how developers progress in their careers. I want to share my observation of how developers got into the positions that they progressed in.

When you start as a Junior Engineer, there are certainly lots of things to learn what it takes to do the job. There are many open ends, so it is easy to grab one and start growing. As a Senior Developer, you will find yourself in the position to educate juniors and professionals. While functional experience comes with time, it is necessary to look at multiple other factors in order to advance in your career.

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Career Path - Advancing in Engineering Roles

CareerEngineering LeadershipPeople Management

Speaking with software engineers in my team and through my mentoring with The Mentoring Club one question keeps coming up: “What is the next step in my career?” For everyone that is working in the industry and eager to grow personally, this question is a constant companion.

I want to give you my perspective on how you can advance in your career after you've made the step to a senior engineer. I want to talk about how it's possible to grow further.

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How to Keep 1.6 Million Podcasts Up to Date

PodcastsEvent Driven Architecture

The FYEO database held around 1.6 million podcasts on its peak. Each one of those podcasts does have quite a number of episodes which contain the real contents users are intested in: the audio track. And this is the stuff that every podcast platform wants to display to their customers. As soon as it comes out, is published. And as soon as people are searching for it.

Let me take you on the journey of building the system that helped us make sure we have all the data in place to show the latest episodes to our customers.

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