Web developer, front-end nerd, JavaScript hacker, located in Cologne.

Dealing with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript is my daily business and I love it. Find out more about me, my work and hire me if you are in need.

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The change of a developer’s advance

The state of how developers write code changes with the experience they gain.

I got the keys: Communication

How do be more productive? Communication is the key. Here is why.

How to set up a Node.js app on Heroku in 6 steps

Here are 6 simple steps how to quickly set up your Node.js application on Heroku.

⚡ Transmit content from any Contentful type to Algolia indexes

A Node.js transmitter which collects data from Contentful and indexes it in Algolia.

Solving npm scripts problems in JavaScript projects

How to solve three common problems with npm scripts: Concurrency, extensive build configuration, build environments

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Hans lead our frontend team with innovative and visionary frontend development while keeping a strict focus on agreed goals. He is a driving part of the next era of web development and thus an invaluable partner for the projects he participates in.

Working with Hans is a joy. His incredible expertise in JavaScript, together with his ability to scale things while keeping the code maintainable is key to a successful project. I worked with Hans on several projects now and the outcome was always better than what the client expected it, even in a short timeframe.

Hans is acutely aware of the performance implications of his work. He keeps track of the front-end architecture and has a strong technical knowledge. He strives to find improved ways of achieving great results. Furthermore he is a lightning fast developer with amazing passion and talent. I can’t recommend him enough!

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I do work for businesses, agencies and other clients that value great front-end work.

Work that I like to do includes consulting and educational work (workshops et cetera) as well as projects that have a focus on JavaScript application development or a deep need of scalability and consistency throughout a website. Review the projects I am involved in to get an overview of my skills.

If you would like me to deliver a talk on your conference please see my projects and decide whether I am a good choice for yourself.

Contact me if you think I am a fit for your project.

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